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One with Nature | Nature of One
One with Nature | Nature of One To be one with Nature; what does this mean?  Lets explore the definition of Nature from a quick Google search na·ture /ˈnāCHər/ 1. the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and...
Hiking with Kids | A New Family Adventure!

Are you one with nature? Not sure how to be two, three, four, or five with nature. Hiking is a great activity that you can incorporate your smaller explorers into flawlessly and have fun doing it. Find out how to Add+Venture  more here!

Add-Venture | A Comprehensive Guide to Adding Adventure into your Life!
Check out our blog Add-Venture to find all sorts of information for your next adventure. Need an idea for a weekend outing? Want to find out what to pack for a hike? Want to learn what is involved in learning to scuba dive. Find it all here! Check this out now and start Living it Up!
A How to Guide: First Time Fishing with the Kids

To all of the brave souls that have ventured to teach the younger generation the fine art of fishing you understand that it can be a rewarding yet tumultuous task. The acquired skill of patience has not yet been introduced into many young minds and the ability to understand the danger of a flying hook does not exist until it is too late for either the teacher or the student. 

In any case there are some key elements to remember in order to provide the best example for your young angler which will create a lasting memory and fun. We will try to break some done in the following post.

Snorkeling: Tips and Tricks
Snorkeling is a great adventure that can be quite relaxing, enjoyable, and fun for all ages. Many diverse sea creatures can be seen and enjoyed while you respectfully float and swim through their world. There are few tips and tricks that can make this activity even more enjoyable and may save you some frustration as you try to explore this underwater ambiance.
Opportunity MAP
Breaking out from our comfort zone is difficult. We tend to follow the same patterns most days. We strive for new experiences and excitement but cannot always find a way to make this a reality. Try using a few of these techniques and follow your MAP to see how your life can begin to build momentum and soon you will be creating opportunities that enrich your life.