Hiking with Kids | A New Family Adventure!

Hiking with Kids | A New Family Adventure!

Are you one with nature? Not sure how to be two, three, four, or five with nature. Hiking is a great activity where you can incorporate your smaller explorers into the adventure and have fun doing it. 

We began taking our kids on hikes when they were even too young to walk. I have two sons that love being outdoors. Even though they could not walk the entire trail just yet, hiking still provides the much needed outdoor time, adventure, and exploration my children enjoy. 

We try to let our boys explore when on the trail as much as possible but when little feet become tired we like to utilize a child carrier or hiking carrier. These hike-ready child carriers offer up the necessary room for day-pack essentials but also have added support that keep your child secure and comfortable when exploring the trails. 

The first child carrier we owned was an Evenflo Trailblazer. This pack was great however, there have been some advancements made in newer packs that provide additional space and increased comfort. 



Osprey a leader in hiking and backpacking equipment has a line of hiking carriers that have really created a well rounded pack that maximizes space and comfort for both yourself and your child. 


The POCO® Plus hiking carrier is everything you will need in a trail ready carrier. It has lots of room for storage and lots of padding. Its lightweight and breathable design will keep everyone happy as you explore together.


So now that we have the means to carry our little explorers and other essentials what exactly do we need to have with us in our pack? 

We can start with reviewing a list of Day Pack Essentials. Here we can find a complete list of all items that we should carry on our day hiking treks. There are a few items that we should make sure that we brings for the kids so they have a enjoyable experience. These are as follows:

  • Sunblock (Spray or Lotion)
  • Bug Repellant (DEET Free, Spray or Natural Essential Oils)
  • Head covering (Either a hat or canopy on carrier)
  • Water
  • Snacks (Easy grab snacks that can be held and eaten when in the pack)

Once your children get old enough that they can traverse the trail more independently they can begin to carry their own packs. They will not only gain a sense of freedom by having their own equipment but be more apt to use it instead of always asking you to remove it from your pack.

We love hiking because it is a great scalable activity for you to #getoutdoors with the whole family. You can start off with short easy hikes and get move advanced as you and your family become more confident and comfortable.

What are the best hikes you have brought your kids on? We would love to here from you in the comments. Tag us in your next adventure photo #liveitupoutfitters so you can inspire other families to #getoutdoors and Live it Up




Day Pack Essentials | Its all in a Days Hike


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