Add-Venture | A Comprehensive Guide to Adding Adventure into your Life!

Add-Venture | A Comprehensive Guide to Adding Adventure into your Life!

INTRO | Go...Go...Go

There is no shortage of amazing things in this world. Sometimes the hardest thing is finding out how to begin. It's time to get started! Whether you need some ideas for a quick outing or you are looking to begin the first steps in learning an entirely new activity keep reading because you can find it all below. We have broken down a list of activities that you can be experiencing today into categories based on the approximate time these activities can be done in. If you only have a few hours there are many activities you can get involved in and start adding to your weekly routines to Add-Venture into your life. 

STEP 1 | Pick an Adventure

Determine how much time you have. There are so many things you can do even in a short amount of time. Scroll down and find that time category you are looking for. Now its time to pick one! Come back to this list and pick another the next time you are sitting trying to determine what to do. Try all of them!

Have something you enjoy doing and its not on our list? Shoot us a comment below so we can add it!


Walk Outdoor Workout Picnic
Run Fishing Shooting Range
Short Trail Hike Roller Skating Archery Range
Nature Photography Bike Ride Basketball
Baseball / Softball Bridge Walk Swimming
Crabbing Model Rockets Model Airplane
Ultimate Frisbee Yoga Watch Sunset / Sunrise
Skeet Shooting Skateboarding Football
Geocaching Mountain Boarding Lacrosse
Kite Flying Hockey Go-Karting



Rock Climbing Gym Snow Mobile Rental Beach Volleyball
Longer Trail Hike Local Zoo Indoor Skydiving
Paintball Aquarium Fishing
Zipline Course 4x4 Driving Experience Skydiving
Helicopter Flight Hot Air Balloon Ride Kayaking
Flyboard Rental Canoeing Frisbee Golf
Street Hockey Airsoft Triathlon
Segway Tour Quading Rental Horseback Riding
Land Sailing Marathon Running Golf



Overnight Camping Bungee Jumping Spelunking
Snowshoe Hiking Waterfall Repelling  Whitewater Rafting
Fishing Charter Snorkeling Charter



Backpacking Trip Ski / Snowboard Trip Camping



SCUBA Diving  Kite Surfing Bouldering
Rock Climbing Jet Skiing Flying Lessons
Survival Skills Snowboarding Hang Gliding
Photography Skiing Skydiving
Sailing Boating Course Surfing
Self Defense  Horseback Riding Mountaineering 



Trail Walk / Run Camping Roller Skating
Beach Walk / Run Playground Training Hike


 STEP 2 | Get Going!

Grab your family, call up the crew, or go solo and #givein2livin right now! For all of those things you want to try that you say ill try one day, make that day today. A single experience can be the one that changes your mindset and how you live your life everyday, so don't waste anymore time. Get involved in meetup groups. Sign up for your first lesson. Call up your friends and experience something new and exciting. 

STEP 3 | Take Pictures

We value looking back on pictures that make us happy and remind us of how we felt in a short moment of time. Personally when I look back on some of my pictures from fun activities and adventures I have participated in it motivates me to create more of these experiences. Keep your life exciting and always remember to Live it Up! Don't forget to tag us in all your adventure pics to share your experiences which will INSPIRE others to get out and start living just like you did!


Here at Live it Up Outfitters our goal is to create a community of people that have a passion for living and exploring. We would love to hear from you. We have created the #givein2livin hashtag to bring awareness of everyday adventure around you. Tag us on all your cool adventure pics so we inspire others to Live it Up everyday. During this pandemic we have had limited opportunities to provide some group meetups and social events but follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can be aware of events that interest you. We are here for you so be here for us! Be apart of a community that inspires and creates memories. Remember, the Adventure is Everything...Keep Exploring!⁠

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  • TerryTaw

    That one time I got lost: So about a year ago, I was in Phys. Ed class, and we went around the neighborhood for a jog at the beginning of each class. I hadn’t done it before because of medical reasons, but the teacher evidently forgot about it. I’m incredibly bad with directions and easily distracted, so I lost sight of the rest of the group and went completely the wrong way. I ended up being lost for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. the best part is that I single handedly changed my school’s Phys. Ed policy.

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