Opportunity MAP

Opportunity MAP

Comfort Zone. What does this mean?

It means something different to each one of us however, for many of us, our lives follow a routine. This pattern allows us to create structure in our lives needed to get though our day. Does anyone else have a problem with that saying...get though our day?

The structure that our brains naturally develop to keep life on track is also one hardest to break. We get comfortable in our routines, in our structure. There is nothing wrong with this although it is important for us to recognize.

For many, the idea to create adventure and excitement is there, but we cannot put the plan into action. We have grand ideas of trips we would like to take and experiences we would like to have however, as each day goes by we do not seem to be getting closer to fulfilling these dreams.

 Each day may not present opportunity for grand experiences such as, diving the Great Barrier Reef or swimming in Devil's pool at the edge of Angel Falls. However, we can make small adjustments to our daily lives that build upon themselves and soon our entire outlook will adjust.

With smartphones and built in navigation in many cars we no longer have a use for maps to guide our way, but just maybe using a MAP can help guide us in the right direction once again.

Opportunity MAP

1. (Modify) How can I modify a typical event to make it more memorable?


Can I take the dog for a walk at the beach instead of around the same block?

Can I take my kids for a meal or snack by going for a bike ride instead of in the car?

Could we have a meal outside instead of in the kitchen?

2.  (Adjust) Can I adjust my schedule to find time for opportunities?


Can I work on something later when the sun goes down and enjoy being outdoors now?


3. (Plan) What can I do today to create a plan for future opportunities?


Write a list of all the simple and not so simple activities you enjoy. This way when some free time comes around you can quickly determine what you want to do so you do not waste time coming up with an idea that moment. 

Find an activity you enjoy and ask you friends if they would like to participate in it. Friends always bring an added excitement and level of fun to an activity. The most important part of this is to set a date. 


Soon we will be making more of an effort to deviate from our routine and search for these experiences. This will jump start a change in how our brain makes decisions and soon instead of thinking that just another day goes by just like the last, we will be making decisions that create excitement and opportunities that will help lead us toward our goals.

We need to break free from the comfort zone, seize opportunities big and small, and search for the experiences that fulfil and enrich our lives. What opportunities can you find today? 




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