One with Nature | Nature of One

One with Nature | Nature of One

One with Nature | Nature of One

To be one with Nature; what does this mean? 

Lets explore the definition of Nature from a quick Google search


1. the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.


2. the innate or essential qualities or character of a person or animal.

These two definitions almost oppose each other. One speaks about the opposition of human interaction on the surroundings and the other directly speaks about the characteristics of human identity within their surroundings. Is this a coincidence that we use this word interchangeably for these two definitions or is there a deeper bond between humans and nature?

Body and Mind 

It is a well known fact that throughout many cultures being emersed in nature has positive aspects for the human body and mind. 

Nature as a whole is captivating; somehow providing feelings of peace, wisdom, and a grand vastness of the unexplored waiting to be discovered. 

The mindfulness that can be derived from the exploration of the outdoors is truly a remarkable experience on its own. Throughout our lives when our schedules become hectic, our time is more strained and scarce, or we become overwhelmed within our own minds, it is within nature we can look to find solace, a natural balance, and inspiration.

Live it Up

This inherent shared wisdom and solace that nature provides is not so forthcoming for all. It takes effort on our parts to not dismiss the opportunities that we are given. 

So what do we do?

How do we find our way? How do we get started? 

Is there a better a correct way to experience life? One path I must adhere too? 


Find your path to new experiences.  This can mean different things to each of us but there is one idea that will prevail and that is to Take Action. Identify the things in this life that excite us and just go for it! The important thing is that we put aside any excuses we have manifested for why we cannot and just start doing the things in life that we want, no need, to experience. Motivate ourselves and others to do more, to be more, to achieve more and just start to Live it Up!

Path to the Summit

We get trapped in our daily routines, our stresses, our excuses. We need a path out that can lead us to the summit where our lives are balanced, goals are met, and happiness shines down leaving all negative and non-productive thoughts at the tree line.

What better way to start then actually getting out on a trail and enjoying the nature around you!

AllTrails provides a huge collection of hikes that fit your experience level and can easily be found by searching near your current location. Find a hike near you today and clear your mind and explore a new place.

In order to gain the most from these experiences we need to teach ourselves to observe the details around us. Listen to the sounds of the animals. Look at the colors and textures of the trees, rocks, and earth around. Feel the water in streams, the coolness of the wind, and the warming of the sun.

Explore Ourselves | Explore our World

Getting out there and trying new things that excite and sometimes scare us a little is the key to happiness. Push your boundaries to explore a world of unbridled adventure. It is within these moments of new adventure and excitement that we tend to find more clarity and understanding than we had before. 

What new thing will you try today? Find a New Adventure!

We can help! Live it Up Outfitters is creating new resources to get you involved in the activities you have always wanted to try. Whether you are an avid adventurer or want to try something new we are excited to be on the journey with you.

One with Nature | Nature of One

Being one with nature has a way of providing comfort in our minds. For this reason we enjoy the outdoors and all that it can offer. If exploring the outdoors isn't enough to provide some relief to intrusive thoughts of being overwhelmed and anxious you are not alone. Get involved in some meetup groups that offer the experiences that you are looking for and find excitement within a group of people that share a common goal.

You can also find resources online. has many resources for meditation and relaxation that can aid in providing some additional support to get you thinking positive and moving towards the summit of happiness once again. 

Take advantage of the adventures this world can provide. Do those things that excite and scare you even if this means looking into your own nature and finding the resources you require to get yourself to that summit leaving that tree line  behind.

Dedicated to John DiCesare

Avid Adventurer, Husband, Friend, and USMC Veteran

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” —Joseph Campbell

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